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A Suffolk based business offering an Italian experience. We offer catering, tutoring, visits and talks. If you're interested please contact us.




About me

My company is dedicated to all things Italian.

Most people who visit Italy are captivated by the whole experience: the language with its musicality, the no nonsense Italians, strolling through their days punctuated by the obligatory espresso or glass of wine, the culture, fabulous architecture, food, fashion, art and music, the fascinating history and the amazing landscape. Not to mention the climate!

I am English but I went to Italy in 1979 to work for six months as an au pair. Six years later I was still there, married to an Italian and teaching English to the locals. Milan was my home but I explored Italy whenever possible. I learnt the language and integrated into the lifestyle.

What’s not to like about Italy? Some might say the driving is crazy and there is no such thing as standing in a queue. The change of government is regular not to mention the behaviour of a certain prime minister…. But the good outweighs the not so good 100% and my love affair with the country continues, nearly 40 years after it first began. Why not join me?

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